Moving On Up a Flight of Stairs

You think that you and your significant other are meant to be? Try lifting a heavy, cumbersome sofa while going up a flight of stairs together. It’s quite a bonding experience.

There’s nothing more frustrating, testing, or stressful than the moving process. You will inevitably snap– either silently or at someone. I snapped a few times.

Our new apartment is a maze of suitcases and Trader Joe’s bags. (We somehow managed to not use a single cardboard box.) Nevertheless it is completely ours. It’s just the two of us and the dog– and she doesn’t care if we walk around naked.

This past weekend’s move taught me one very valuable lesson: I own too much crap. Despite purging items I haven’t worn in the past year, moving my clothing alone required six suitcases and several large plastic containers. As I unpack, I’m determined to keep one rule in mind: if it doesn’t fit in one large rolling suitcase it can’t stay. This includes shoes. I have spent too much on clothing I don’t love and that I don’t even wear.

Do you own too much stuff? What’s the worst part about moving?

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