Three Course Thursdays: Triangle Char and Bar

This originally appeared on my column.
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Regardless of its origin, the hamburger is to me quintessentially American. One can never have too many great burger joints at one’s disposal. The Charleston area definitely has a few, although I’m not sure I’d count Triangle Char and Bar amongst them.
The Atmosphere
The design, décor and atmosphere of Mount Pleasant’s Triangle Char and Bar is casual, fun and a little bit funky. I love the industrial whimsy of the interior and the fact that the bar opens up to the outdoors. This is especially important on Sundays when the hungry brunch crowd must satiate their appetites with pitchers of mimosas while waiting for a table.
The Service
The two times I’ve visited Triangle Char and Bar the staff has been knowledgeable and helpful. My most recent experience was no exception. I’m not a regular at Triangle Char and Bar so I wasn’t aware that Thursdays are “Three Course Thursdays.” I’m so glad my server clued me into this fantastic deal. Who can pass up a snack (read: appetizer), a burger and a draft beer for $15? I couldn’t.
The Food
I took advantage of the “Three Course Friday” deal and started my meal with livers, fried chicken livers, tasso gravy, stone ground grits and a fried egg. If you’re a fan of fried chicken livers, you have to get this—you’ll be presented with three perfectly fried chicken livers, very creamy grits, beautifully salty tasso gravy and an orb of golden egg yolk prepared to bring the whole dish to life.
I really like burgers. I’m of the belief that designer burgers and “plain jane” burgers both have their place in this world (and my stomach). I also believe that burgers should always be cooked on a flat top or in a skillet and not grilled (tailgating is the only exception). This way, all of the fantastic drippings, fat and flavor that cook out of a burger make its way back. Grilling just doesn’t impart the same flavor or deliver the same juicy patty.
I ordered “the yank”—a burger topped with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and horseradish mayo. The burger itself was good but took itself out of the running for great because it was dry and a little overcooked (I normally order my burgers medium). The horseradish mayo is delicious. I suggest you request a bit extra on the side for dipping your burger and fries.
In case you were wondering, I ordered an Allagash White for my draft beer. (Yum!)
The Verdict
Whoever thought up “Three Course Thursdays” is a genius. On it’s own, it’s a great deal. For the menu items you have to choose from at Triangle Char and Bar, it’s an absolute steal. Great for hanging out with friends and watching the game, not the ideal setting for a romantic date, Triangle Char and Bar serves up decent burgers and new twists on bar food sure to please a broad spectrum of palates.

What’s your favorite burger place? What did you order at Triangle Char and Bar?

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