Restaurant Review: Pies-On

Walkinginto Pies-On is like venturing back into the 80s—I loved it. The off-white andblack checkered linoleum floors, wooden S-shaped booths, tables with red vinylchairs and mural of the Brooklyn bridge on the wall conjured up my idea of whata New York-style pizzeria would have looked like twenty years ago. Anyone andeveryone would be comfortable, and welcomed, here. How could you not feel athome when you hear the best of the 80s is coming through the stereo?

Pies-Onis the type of place you order, sit down and the kitchen staff brings yourpiping hot pizza pies and steaming calzones to your table.

Thatbeing said, everyone was sincerely nice, even when we were the last two peopleto leave right at 10:00 p.m.

The menuisn’t limited, but it doesn’t have everything under the sun. I like that aboutPies-On. Items are mostly Italian although there are a few American standardslike chicken fingers and fries.

Pies-On’smenu is severely reasonably priced. The most expensive item is a large “TheWorks” pizza for $22. A 10-inch cheese pizza is only $5, and the crust here ismuch, much better than Domino’s, Pizza Hut or any other chain. You’re gettingfar more for your money here.

I ordereda 10-inch pizza with ham, bacon and pineapple (my version of a Hawaiian) and astromboli. My counterpart ordered a 10-inch pepperoni pizza and a pepperoni andcheese calzone.

Thecalzone and stromboli arrived first. First glance at the stromboli’s crust and Ihad a good feeling. It had been sprinkled with cheese, herbs and garlic beforesteaming its way to our table. The calzone was given the same royal treatment.

Sausage,pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, peppers, onions and mushrooms were wrapped inhot, very hot, pizza dough. I knew the moment took a bite of the stromboli Iwas in love. The interior was juicy without making the exterior dough soggy. Itwas so good the next day at work my thoughts were consumed by this Italianturnover.

Thecalzone was filled to the brim with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese andpepperoni. I snagged this baby and ate it, along with the left over stromboli,for lunch the next day. It was so, so good. Neither the stromboli nor thecalzone needed the accompanying marinara sauce.

The“Hawaiian” and pepperoni pizzas arrived so hot we had to wait a few minutesbefore chowing down. My cheesy pizza was topped with pineapple, ham and bacon.The best part? Definitely the bacon. It clearly had been chopped and the fatrendered prior to being put on the pizza. No Bacon Bits here.

The Verdict
Though I don’t live in Goose Creek, if you’re looking for pizza inthat part of town this is definitely the place you need to go. Unpretentiousand inexpensive, Pies-On packs a lot of flavor into everything it makes. Thishole in the wall pizza joint goes to show you don’t need to charge an arm and aleg to make people happy and, most importantly, make good food.
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