Restaurant Review: Uno Mas

I have the worst luck with Mexican restaurants. My visits to Cantina Laredo and Taco Lu both left me dissatisfied. Unfortunately my first visit to Uno Mas ended the same way.
Uno Mas is located just off North Highway 17 at 880 Allbritton Boulevard. The interior is quirky, in a good way. That’s one of my favorite things about Mexican restaurants the décor always puts you in the mood for a good time and Uno Mas is no exception.
One glance at Uno Mas’ lunch menu and I was excited. That’s another thing I love about Mexican restaurants; how can you go wrong with fresh flavors like lime and cilantro paired with deliciously spicy proteins? So often Mexican cuisine is undervalued and underestimated for it’s complexities. In addition, Uno Mas belongs to the same family of restaurants as Boulevard Diner, the Village Bakery and Mustard Seed, a flavor-packed favorite restaurant of mine. I couldn’t wait to try Sal’s spin on South of the Border dishes.
How do two soft tacos filled with Mahi Mahi, jicama slaw, cumin cilantro mayo and mango salsa sound to you? It sounded good to me, too—that’s why I ordered it. Served with jicama and roasted corn slaw this lunch entrée sounded filling and fresh without putting me in the mood for a nap back at work.
The Mahi Mahi tasted fishy.  There was barely any mango salsa. The jicama and roasted corn slaw were delicious and fresh, but slaw shouldn’t be the best part of your meal. I devoured the slaw and ate one taco, but left one on my plate.
Our waiter possessed a shy eagerness to please—it was after all his first day on the job. He was very attentive and very, very sweet. He kept our diet cokes filled and prepared us to-go cups, which earned him bonus points on top of a perfect service score.
Even though I left dissatisfied with my meal, I’ll still be giving Uno Mas a second try. Every restaurant has an “off” day and I did hit the restaurant at the tail end of the lunch shift. The menu still has items I want to try (Grilled Shrimp Quesadilla, Sopa de Lima, Pork Enchilada).

Uno Mas on Urbanspoon
Have you been to Uno Mas? What was your experience like? What should I order next time?
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One thought on “Restaurant Review: Uno Mas

  1. Hey Annabel-We are sorry you didn't enjoy your meal at Uno Mas and do hope you'll give us a second try. We have shared your comments with the restaurant and Sal and we would love to know more details, like what day you were in the restaurant, so we can address it further. Would you mind emailing us at Thanks for your thoughtful review.LynDine With Sal Group

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