Restaurant Review: Eurasia

It took us most of Saturday to decide on a place to eat. We tossed ideas in the air and shot them down like a marksman blasting clay pigeons. We wanted someplace quintessentially Charleston and yet new. Our solution? Eurasia.

Located off of Houston Northcutt to the left of Whole Foods in Mt. Pleasant, Eurasia is delicious. Its menu changes from time to time (the seafood stew that drew us there initially wasn’t offered during our visit) focusing on regional Southern fare with Asian influences.

To start, we ordered cocktails. I ordered a Firefly Fuzzy Fly—which is basically a skinny version of a fuzzy navel. My friend, Amanda, ordered the Blueberry Mojito. My cocktail was sweet as can be and went down way too smoothly. This is where things begin to get a little bit fuzzy.

Our waitress raved that the vegetable spring rolls were “outrageously good!” and “the best in the world.” So, of course, we had to have an order. Served with a spicy nostril-clearing Chinese mustard and another dipping sauce (I told you—things got fuzzy) the bias-cut veggie rolls were gone in a flash. From what I recall, they were good but not the best in the world. It can be easy to oversell a product when you’re an enthusiastic employee but it’s always better to undersell than under deliver.

On to the entrées (and a dark and stormy for me)! I ordered the green curry seafood bowl. I’m a sucker for seafood and curry, so this was an obvious selection for me. I wish I had ordered something else. The green curry was overpowered by what my drunken palate told me was sweetened coconut milk. I couldn’t taste the delicate nuances of the green curry itself. The seafood was cooked beautifully and so was the rice (no small feat!) but the saccharin curry was just too much. So, I didn’t finish my entrée and drank more.

Amanda ordered something with fish and really good mashed potatoes. Her dish was by far the winner that night. At this point she handed me her unfinished second beverage.

As it was a celebratory meal we couldn’t pass up dessert. By this time my friend Lauren had popped in for a cocktail and to join us for the sweet ending to our dinner. Amanda and I both wanted the doughnuts and coffee crème brûlée but our server told us we’d be better off splitting the dessert—the crème brulee was pretty big. Not big on sharing (we are only children) we ordered another dessert, an inside out s’mores bombe that came with a campfire: a flaming pile of salt.

The clear dessert winner was the crème brulee. Two orders would have just been fine with everyone. The doughnut holes were hot and freshly fried (YUM). The inside-out bombe was… interesting. The glaring problem with the s’mores-inspired bombe was its consistency. There were too many similar soft textures and no crunch to break up the smoothness. 

On a final note, I have to applaud how nice and helpful the staff is at Eurasia. Our waitress was clearly excited about where she worked, something that’s great to see anywhere but especially in a service industry. The owner remembered my friend, Lauren, who hosted her birthday dinner this year at his restaurant. We’ll definitely be back.

Eurasia Cafe on Urbanspoon

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