Restaurant Review: Red’s Ice House

You go to Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek for its waterfront view and inevitably stay for the food (mostly because it’s difficult to watch a beautiful sunset and not want something cold and alcoholic in your hand) to sober up.
I visited Red’s, located in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., for the first time last weekend with a few friends in town from Jacksonville, Fla. We weren’t able to snag a table right on the water but sat outside nonetheless. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we weren’t going to pass up day without unrelenting southern heat.
To start us off, the three of us split a pitcher of Firefly Lemonade. Order it, enjoy it, and order another pitcher. It’s a phenomenal refreshing libation.
Famished, we split the crab dip. It was good. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to screw up crab dip.
I ordered the lobster roll. I regret not taking a photograph because it was the tiniest lobster roll I have ever had. It was good, really, but it was small.
The other two at the table ordered a basket of fried scallops and fries and fried oysters and fries. I’m not a fan of fried seafood as a rule. I prefer my oysters raw and my scallops cooked medium to medium rare. That being said, they both loved what they ordered.
In short, Red’s is a good place for inexpensive drinks and fare with a priceless view. You can bring your boat, your jet skis or even your dog. I’ll be back for the Firefly Lemonade.

Red's Ice House on Urbanspoon

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