Restaurant Review: Graze

It is always a great moment to arrive at a restaurant and have such trouble deciding what item to order because everything looks good. Such is the case at Graze. With nods to Korean, Southern, American and Italian cuisine, there is absolutely something for everyone at this Mount Pleasant installation.
I’m a sucker for salads and (almost) everything Asian. Give me a bowl of Vietnamese pho and I’m yours. My choice for lunch this week at Graze: a side salad (the Graze salad) with the lemon vinaigrette and Kimchi infused glass noodles with beef.
The salad was pretty decent; the vinaigrette was absolutely delightful. It was lemony but without an overzealous citrus zing.

My friend, Suzie, ordered the Roasted Turkey BLT. She permitted me a bite. I suggest you order this sandwich if you’re a fan of well-balanced flavor, pink peppercorns and love real roasted turkey on your sandwiches.

My kimchi-glass noodle-beef stew was disappointing. It was like eating sauerkraut. Kimchi has a lot of vinegar in it. I would suggest that the restaurant offer the kimchi as an accompaniment and not a component. I didn’t finish half of my stew.

Considering the quality of my friend’s sandwich and my salad I’ll definitely be back. Every restaurant has a dish or two that’s not as great as the rest. I’m sure there are plenty left on Graze’s menu  for me to nibble on.

Graze on Urbanspoon
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