Restaurant Review: Charleston’s Café

If you’re not looking for it you might drive right past Charleston’s Café. Located off of Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant, this little hole in the wall joint has joined my list of “Best Places to Eat When You’ve Got a Hangover.” Though neither hungover nor in the mood for breakfast this visit I will definitely be returning to devour some of Charleston Café’s breakfast fare. If my Crab Melt Panini  was any indication as to the flavor wizardry occurring in the kitchen I am sure there will be nothing but pleasant surprises in the future.

The first bite into my Crab Melt Panini was like taking the Concorde to Flavor Town. Crab! Tangy goat cheese! Sweet roasted red bell peppers! Earthy wilted spinach! Warm, crusty Italian bread! Winning! “If this is a lunch special,” I thought, “I can’t imagine how great their tried and true regular menu fixtures are!”

I brought a man-sized appetite but couldn’t finish but half of the monster melt. I have no doubt it will be equally magnificent for dinner, if I ever am hungry again.

Charleston's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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